AutoTesterAndroid Example App

Tutorial by Nicholas Hallahan.

AutoTesterAndroid is the example app that demonstrates and tests many WhirlyGlobe-Maply features. This app uses both the Whirly Globe globe and Maply map.

cd WhirlyGlobeSrc/AutoTesterAndroid

There is a script that will compile and build the project for you. This script compiles an AAR and moves it to the correct directory in the AutoTesterAndroid project. It is for your convenience.


Upon success, you should see:


Total time: 5 mins 53.322 secs

Now, open Android Studio and select Import project.

Import Project

Browse to the root of the AutoTesterAndroid project, which is located in:


That’s it! You should be able to build the project normally in Android Studio.

WhirlyGlobe Component Maply Component