@interface MaplySphericalQuadEarthWithTexGroup : MaplyViewControllerLayer

Spherical quad earth layer is an older style of base map

The Spherical quad earth layer fires up an older style of image map generated by the ImageChopper program. It can be either an image pyramid or a flat grid of images. In general, we recommend using the MaplyQuadImageTilesLayer instead.

  • Initialize wth the name of a texture group plist info file.

    This initializer wants the name of a texture group file as created by the ImageChopper program. That’s a plist and a group of images to go with it.

    Seriously, go use MaplyQuadImageTilesLayer instead.



    - (nonnull instancetype)initWithWithTexGroup:(NSString *_Nonnull)texGroupName;


    init(withTexGroup texGroupName: String)