About mousebird consulting inc

We do geospatial data display for mobile devices and the back end to support it. That’s iOS, Android and the active services to support them.

Our work can be found in a wide variety of weather, aviation, education and miscellaneous apps. Some of the most prominent, like Dark Sky or the Met Office apps, are warming the pockets of millions of users worldwide.

As you might imagine, this is tricky stuff. We’re skilled in the ways of OpenGL ES, Metal, threading, networking, geospatial data processing, and user interfaces. Our stuff is known for being fast and responsive on mobile devices.

Products & Services

Our biggest product is the open source WhirlyGlobe-Maply toolkit. We have a number of commercial offerings as well, so go check those out.

As the name suggests, we are consultants. If you have a geospatial project on iPhone, iPad, or Android drop us a line. We’d love to discuss it.


You can talk to us at contact@mousebirdconsulting.com.

Please join the mailing list for infrequent announcements, usually related to WhirlyGlobe-Maply.

Check out the mousebird consulting blog for technical discussion.